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Loyalty Raffle!!

We have been trying to figure out how reward those loyal customers who keep our business going, so we have decided to have loyalty raffles twice a year. :)

What's the prize, you say?
Reposted from our store FB and Twitter, since I think it may apply to a couple of you. ;)


A mystery box! It could be shoes, it could be a tiny doll, it could be clothing... or unique accessories.
We intend to mix up the prizes, so that winners always get to be surprised.

How do you enter?


As this is our 5th year in business, we would like to reward those that have placed at least 5 orders with us.
If you have, simply email customer service with the heading: "Loyalty Raffle" and your 5 order numbers.
Your name will then be entered once in the raffle. ^_^

If you have placed 10 orders? You will be entered twice! And so on, every 5 orders. :)

Deadline for submitting your information: JUNE 30th, 2011

2 winners will be chosen each time.
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aryck laura smexy


And over a month early, to boot. GLEE!!!

I will openly admit that one of the reasons we chose this particular colour was because it was the closest thing to Copper they had and I had to have one for San. Now I get to customize it with all the glee of my steampunky little heart.


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Art Spammage...? :D WEll, ONE picture... and AFK soon!

I can post it up since Sarah already saw it hehehe. :D

I think I opt for this version versus the fun lighting one simply because more Angelo can be seen. There can never be enough Angelo. Also, I am insanely happy that I pulled off a girl - and- dreads. *ignore the fuglyhandsworkingonthoseyesyes*

Hold on a sec, boss - Rd.90
by *Uneide on deviantART

Will be gone -- pretty much all June. Have to leave things vague, but promise to spam with awesome photos once I'm back. :)

For the curious, alternate version of Angelo with funky lighting:

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The Love Bug - Angus

"... still you said forever..."

Angus, my muse and main character of the webcomic Nocturnia ( )

Angus never really smiles. There's perhaps one pic of him with a grin ( drawn by a friend), but in general he's neither a very happy guy nor an overly effusive one. A hard learned lesson, but when you deal with the courts of the sidhe and the unseelie not showing a lot of emotion is generally a must.

Still, he's been put through the ringer lately and he really needed a happy picture for once. So - out of armour and dress clothes, hair down and smiling Angus.

Naturally he went and spoiled it by letting himself be bitten; I did tell him the love bug stung like hell.

We should all know better, really we should - and yet, how can we resist trusting and putting our hearts out there?

For Angus and all such optimists.

The Love Bug
by *Uneide on deviantART
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